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Thread: anybody tried hidden lake?

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    Default anybody tried hidden lake?

    was wondering if anyone has tried hidden lake, its quite a ways to drive to go ice fishing, but i hear some real lunkers come out of there.

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    Hidden Lake used to be my number one favorite place to fish in Alaska. Of course that was 25+ years ago before they modernized everything there, allowing massive public access. I used to troll in the spring on the upper end with f-7 flatfish and tear the lakers up. Camped on the big island and caught lake trout, kokanee and rainbows. Try using leaded jigs casting from a boat on the north side. I live in Fairbanks now and dream of going back to my old haunt and seeing if it can still be done. I heard that with depth/fish finder, trolling with red eye produces monster lakers. Seems like late fall, as the weather gets worse, the fishing gets better and spring time is awesome. Many fond memories of Hidden lake. Never had real good luck ice fishing though. Hope this helps and if you want, stay in touch and maybe we could go together and see if some of my old tricks still work. Bill

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    Default Up there last weekend

    There was a crowd! It was warm and a great day for an outing. We jigged herring and in 3 hours caught nothing. I checked in with the other groups as we were leaving, and found that one guy had pulled in a 2#er. Nothing for the rest. But it was low pressure, middle of the moon phase, and middle of the day. Had a good picnic and a cigar, which made it all OK. The road was BAD in the middle, but both ends were OK. Don't know how it is now with the new snow. They don't maintain it in the winter.


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