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Thread: kokatat whirlpool bibs

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    Default kokatat whirlpool bibs

    anyone have a pair of these bibs? how do you like them? I'm looking to acquire a pair of them for a January trip down the Grand.

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    I do not suggest these anymore... at a time when dry-technology for top-water recreation was hardly a selection - these had a place. Nowadays - you'll just end up spending more and more money toward a full dry-suit and never getting there on semi-dry, two piece coverage.

    If you already have a 1-piece dry-suit... have the arms tied up around your waste (or tucked down the legs/waistline) then put a nylon weight-lifters/work out back support belt on... just like fly-fishing waders - to keep most water out while adding support if you have to tug on something or take a low blow to the back.

    Ya might just consider a pair of breathable fly-fishing waders... they will serve better double function utility in the long run.


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