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    looking to install a hybrid system at my cabin. Batteries and inverter to run the cabin when the generator is not on. looking for a 2000-2500 watt inverter and charger that I can hook up to a small batterie system probally 6, 6 volt golf cart batteries. Possibly a small solar pannel to keep a charge on the batteries. has any one done this and how well does it work any suggestions. Also looking for info on what type of inverter to buy.

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    How big is your generator? That will be important.

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    Yep, got a cabin that we run that way. Works great! Bought what I need at Renewable Energy on Dimond Blvd. Even on a cloudy day the solar panel works. Only catch is if you're trying to make heat, better to burn wood or fossil fuel. Good luck.

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    I think you'll need more than 6- 6volt golf cart batteries batteries. 2kw to 2.5 kw inverters will use a lot of amps when in full use. Most of the larger wattage inverters work better off of 24 volts or 48 volts. These would require an 8 battery system minimum to store enough amperage. You may also want to consider larger batteries for a system this size.
    Higher voltage systems help reduce the wire size required in the battery storage area; the paralel runs as well as main wires to the inverter.

    You also may need an inverter which will produce a PURE SINE wave to run some electronic items like a Monitor or Toyo stove, charge small phone style batteries, and run some electronic devices. This may be either a seperate inverter or your main 2.5 Kw inverter may be PURE SINE wave.

    Many inverters have a battery charger built-in, others require a seperate unit. The ones that have a charger built in usually have an automatic transfer switch that allows the inverter to charge when the generator is started and when the generator is turned off the it transfers back to battery power automatically.

    With a 2-2.5 Kw ststem, to be effective you'll need more than one small solar panel to stay charged maybe several large ones depending on your daily use.
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    we have a xantrex 12v/2400w inverter with 6 trojan L-16 6V batteries wired up. we also have 2 80W solar panels and a 5K generator. we use it to run lights, ceiling fans if needed, occasional small draw electricals such as vacuums and blenders(margaritas on the porch) and a small speaker system for music. we have a well with a special low wattage pump, if we are using a lot of water like several people showering or watering plants we will use the generator but the batteries will tolerate the occasional pump draw down. during the summer we basically just use the generator for periods of high water use. some weekends we dont turn the generator on. the solar panels keep the batteries charged, especially since we are only there on weekends. during the winter obviously we have to use the generator a lot more. we bought everything from alaska battery systems in anchorage. their website has a lot of information on inverters, batteries, alt energy etc. susitna energy in anchorage also has all this stuff and the owner has a plane and will go out to remote sites to do installs. it is worth at least talking to these places since like everything else electronic the technology keeps moving rapidly. our system is five years old and is outdated already. on batteries, the lead acid batteries are the cheapest but be carefull about drawing the all the way down as this significantly reduces battery life. the high tech batteries like surrettes are supposedly tougher and last longer but they also cost about four times more for the equivalent amp hours.


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