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Thread: Original Coot?

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    Default Original Coot?

    Anyone know of one of the original Coots available? A friend of mine, who owned and used one extensively in the '70s is looking for one.

    I've seen the new Coot site but understand they come with a Briggs & Stratton gas engine compared to the diesels in the original Coots.

    Would appreciate any information anyone can provide.


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    Have one of those with the Briggs.

    Kinda awesome machines, but can't get my 6'-4" frame in there and feel confortable.

    Even with the Briggs, that thing will climb a tree.

    I've paddle across ponds with it, (takes to long for the tires to do it for me), That thing is a machine that is with out a care, ( it does have the rearend for the prop, just never needed it)

    Put some big***** tire's on it, and it take's a man to even think about getting behind the wheel.

    Its really a go to machine if the others get stuck, and it is my brothers, but we all use it.

    It is need of a new engine right now, still runs, but takes a lot to get it going.

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    I have one of the 4 wheel steer with tundra tires on it. has a 18hp tachumpsen "spelling" in it. love the thing needs a new chain right now and I have a spare low gear"hard to get" might be willing to sell it if the price was right. My wife loves driving that thing around. Don't ask me why but she says she does and shes a little thing but seems to have fun when we go out and play


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