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Thread: Kachemak Bay Sea Duck Hunt

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    Smile Kachemak Bay Sea Duck Hunt

    Guys......just got back from a really GREAT sea and Diver duck hunt in Kachemak Bay with Buck Brown out of Seldovia. It was just SUPER. LOTS of ducks and an all around great hunt. I will post more details and photos soon. Saw numbers of ducks like I have only heard of in the Glory Days of old. I have hunted all over the world and this hunt is a real "Thumbs Up" and in my back yard, right under my nose the whole time. Got to go to work now. duckdon

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    I was on the hunt with duckdon and it was awesome. This should be something that every waterfowler has on thier list. The first day we sat in the blind and had two common scoters come in. Me and the guy sharing the blind fired our first shot and the sky erupted with birds. We couldn't keep our guns loaded. We would shoot at some birds coming in, and turn around and we would have another flock right behind them. We could have limited out in 30 minutes, but had to pace ourselves after we realized that. The second day Buck dropped us off on a rock pile. We climbed the pile and saw a raft of anywhere from 500 to 700 birds sitting there. And again after the first shot we had problems keeping our guns loaded. I know that I probably passed on 300 birds waiting for surf scoters and oldsquaw to come in. This hunt is a must do for any serious waterfowler.
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