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Thread: Double use for a life jacket

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    Have any of you used a life jacket to control recoil? I have been using one for years with hard kicking guns, with very good success. The thinner kind with about 1 inch foam works best. I turn the life jacket upside down and slide my right arm through the left arm hole of the jacket. I just let the rest of the jacket hang behind me. This makes shooting hard kicking guns much more managable if you have to shoot them several shots. Have you tried this, if so do you know of a better method? I was reading another post where someone was using a Past recoil shield to shoot with. I have never heard this mentioned on here and was just wandering if anyone else has tried this?

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    never thought of it and maybe it is because my 300 rum doesn't kick that bad IMO. Besides, you only have to make one shot to kill an animal...sit there and take the punishment and move on. I do have a lead sled for the range so I can tell what my bullets are doing. that same 300 rum will push that sled off the table after a few shots....I put 50 lbs of lead shot on the sled too! I think carrying around a life vest in the woods is a little much....if you are hunting from a boat....then it seems like a good idea anyway.

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    I did not mean to take the life jacket to the woods with you, take it to the range with you. It will probally tame recoil almost as much as your lead sled does. I use the jacket often when I pattern turkey guns, work up loads for hard kicking guns, or shoot several guns in the same day. Give it a try and I think you will be amazed.

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    I've used the pfd for cushioning too. It works as advertised. The only problem is eye relief with the scope.


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