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Thread: Fire Lake??? Whats in there?

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    Default Fire Lake??? Whats in there?

    Hi all,
    I just relocated to Eagle River from Southern California a few weeks ago, I am trying to read up on areas to do some good freshwater fishing. Fire Lakes are close by but when I google it, I can't find a ****ed shred of information as to what species are in the Fire Lakes...
    Any help with that???

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    Default Pike

    There are pike in there, but I don't believe there are any big ones, just lots of little guys. If you head a little further north to Mirror Lake, there are lots of stocked trout/landlocks to keep you busy through the winter.
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    It has been a few years but there useed to be some nice pike up to 36", some decent rainbows to 24" and I caught a really nice landlock silver in there. A friend got a 12 pound pike in there in the 90s.

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    In the mid 90's Lower Fire Lake was a great place to fish. If you spent any time on the lake good sized pike could be found. During an hours period I would catch so many pike I would become sick of catching them. Once you were done with pike move to rainbows. Even the outlet creek had good rainbow fishing. I'd fish the outlet creek in the winter until it froze over.

    Now the lake isn't even worth my time except when I'm looking to let my daughter reel in a hammer handle close to home. ADF&G has suspended the rainbow stocking program for the lake in turn rendered the pike food supply to a minimum. Weed beds are far and few between during the summer and pike are hard to find. Also the big pike have either been caught or netted out of the lake. This summer it would take me a couple hours of solid work to find my daughter a pike to reel in.

    If you are desperately attempting to find pike during the winter try the south side of the island. Otherwise I'd find a different lake to ice fish.

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    They quit stocking Fire lake a few years back didn't stock Mirror lake this year, there are NOT a bunch of fish to be caught there anymore.

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    Was out on mirror 2 weeks ago very slow google finger lake that be the best bet for ya.


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