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Thread: More burgot questions

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    Default More burgot questions

    So I decided to catch burbot this winter, well at least try to. Here are a few questions I hope that some of you burbot masters may be able to help out with.

    How do I go about finding them if I don't have an old time burbot hunter to point me in the right direction?

    I assume that I should stick to the river system, but will they go way up into the drainages of the Tananna or do I need to stick to the confluences?

    What is the right bait to use and where can I get it? I have herd that stink bait may work?

    How deep of water should I focus on?

    What about the speed of the flowing water? I would figure that it shouldn't be moving too fast, but then again I have never caught one.

    The Tananna is hard on auger blades, how often do you sharpen them or is there some other trick to do to keep em working good?

    I am using a heavy line and am wondering if the color matters. I used white so far, but am not sure if I should use a dark line, or if it doesn't really matter.

    I really am in need of some info here. If you would like to PM me I would definetly appreciate any help I can get!!!!!

    I WILL figure them out this year, and the best place to start is right here.


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    burbot are a freshwater cod. Line color does not matter at all in my opinion, your fishing for them when its dark anyways. I love glow in the dark mr twisters for burbot about 3 or 4 inches. I try to stay at under 20 feet for burbot and 15 feet is a lot better than 20 in lakes it seems. Vegetation is important in lakes and if in a river i would try the eddies first. If there is moving water I move from the spot.

    I have cought a lot of burbot and have really targeted them in the past few years. I hope this info helps you!

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    Default burbot

    I used to catch burbot on the Tananna just behind my house that used to be located on Boondocks Drive in Salcha. The water would be from 3 ft deep up to 10ft deep. The line type was usually dacron and color did not matter. I would make a set cover it with snow and then check the next day. I also used to fish big Harding Lake. I never caught one in shallow water there. It always was 100 ft or deeper. In the spring I used to fish them at Shaw Creek near Delta with a rod and reel. Herring makes good bait and I saw some last week at Walmart.

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    Default Burbot

    I saw pictures a guy posted of Burbot caught on the Tanana, I think his biggest was a measly 42 inches.
    I have been wanting to fish it up around the hot springs,if anyone has the skinny on GOOD spots, I will trade some info pertaining to lakes I know.
    Has anyone tried the mouth of the Ray river on the Yukon?

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    Default Yukon

    I used to catch the heck out of them at the mouth of the Big Dall River but they have made that a no bait area now to protect the pike. Shame!!!!


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