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Thread: Replacement Stocks?

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    Smile Replacement Stocks?

    I know I am putting the Horse before the cart, but I have found possible source a replacement stock for the 375 Alaskan. I was searching on line for a stock for an other rifle and found the fallowing company, Richards Microfit Gunstocks, They seem to have a large selection and a really good selection of woods to chose from. I was thinking of a brown on brown laminate in the sporter configuration. The color is nice and I love the stability of laminated wood. I have had other Houge stocks and donít like the rubbery outside and am afraid that the stock might stick to my coat when I bring it up to my shoulder. They claim their stocks are 99% drop in. I know I have to get the gun first but it dose not hurt to plan and dream. What do you thing about this as a tentative replacement stock? Your input would be greatly appreciated
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    Default Richards Microfit experience...

    My own experience is limited to around a half dozen of their pieces. The only laminated stock of theirs that I did was a thumbhole varmint type that I put on a 98 Mauser with a 26" heavy .257 Roberts barrel. It was NOT a drop in, but it was also probably 12 years ago that I did it. That experience pretty much soured me on laminates, at least semi-inlet, unfinished ones.
    Other Richards stocks that I've used were poorly inletted, leaving a LOT of work, and I don't particularly care for their proportion or lines.
    Your results may vary, but I think You'd be well served to consider Wenig or Boyd's before you made a choice.

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    Default gun stock

    Bravo Whiskey, I have been using Elkridge gun stock company for a wile. I really like the quality of stocks they have and the price is hard to beat. I got a stock from Boyds for my 450 Alaskan I was building they also clamed it was 99% ready to drop in( man were they wrong) it was an Enfield action that I milled off the rear sight and barreled to the 450 Alaskan. The 30-338 Win Mag I just finished I bought the stock from elk ridge. it is a win model 70 with a number 6 hart barrel. It didn't take hardly any work to fit the barreled action in the stock. When I get back from Iraq here in about 6 months I am paining on building a few new ones and I will go with elk ridge on every one. Good hunting. Whitlock

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    Accurate innovations make an excellent stock that would be worth looking into.

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    Spend a little extra and get a McMillan of your choice and never look back.


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