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Thread: 338wm or 300wsm in kimber montana?

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    Default 338wm or 300wsm in kimber montana?

    I'm getting a kimber montana for my son in law. can't decide on 300wsm or 338wm. owning both myself (a 300wsm montana and 338 in win m70) i'd love to couple the handling of the montana with the ballistics of the 338. is the recoil of the montana 338 that much more then 300wsm or should the 338wm be reserved for heavier guns.

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    Default Kimber Montana

    If he has shot your 84KM 300WSM and said "That was nothing", then recoil isn't a problem.

    Even my 84M in 308 with 165 max loads gets my least off the bench.6.2 lbs scoped torching off a 165 at 2800+.

    While many experienced shooters here opine strongly against brakes, I would say that the 84M is more obnoxious off the bench than say a braked Sako AV in 375H&H.

    This is just my opinion.Granted, the Sako Fiberclass is about 2 lbs heavier.I have shot and hunted with both extensively...including shooting 40 dassies in the Transvaal lying prone on a rock with the 375.I can assure you that 300 grain Bear Claws are very effective on dassies.

    Since I've dropped a cap on more than 100,000 rounds (shot on the MTU for many years),all things are relative.At nearly 65, my hearing is still acute..despite a lot of field shooting in 50 years with no ear protection.

    Point being, let him shoot 20 rounds through your current 84 M and see how it feels.

    Until you get to the 458 Lott and up range, it is relative.

    One of the most "punishing" days I ever experienced was zeroing an 870 SF 12 gauge slug gun for my late brother with 3" sabots.

    Each person has their own "pain tolerance".As many have said, in the field when shooting at game, you never feel recoil...or, to some extent "hear the blast".

    Just some parameters to consider.

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    My Montana 270wsm has a heck of a sharp bite. The slower recoil of my 338wm Remington XCR is more kick but also a more comfortable recoil. The recoil of a Montana in 338wm should be fine.

    You don't happen to have another daughter do you? Your son in law married into the right family.

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    Smile depends on use...

    If he wants to shoot a caliber that has the ballistics of a 30-06 on steroids then go with the .300 WSM. If he wants to throw bone smashing 250 grain .338 caliber bullets at some thing then get a .338 Win. Mag. I will always have a good Mod. 70 .338 Mag.


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