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Thread: AC board vote results

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    Default AC board vote results

    The FAI AC board vote was tonight. As far as ODD that I saw and know, Vince, Daniel, his wife, and I were present. The house was full, but the deck was stacked.
    Term was up for Emma Lee, Virgil, Mike Kramer, Bill Larry, & Al. After the vote was tallied, Emma Lee lost her seat. The new board member is Tom Lamal. Good guy, avid outdoors person with well rounded interests. Tom will be an asset on the board. Emma Lee will be missed by many, but she is the first alternate if something happens to another board member.
    I know I just started going to the meetings, but this was a bit disappointing. At least one board member I feel is pretty slanted, and closed minded was up for re-election. This person has had a very colored past, but because a bunch of cronies showed up, he made it back on the board. A couple of other new choices did not make it, mostly because they lacked the voting power.
    Next year I am bringing a whole boy scout troop with me.
    There was a very good presentation on Minto Pike presented by a grad student. Very well done I thought. Interesting to see how they track the pike, and to date what they have found.

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    i agree quite the learning experiance.. i did meet one other Aod member there tonight though his name escapes me at the moment..

    i was amazed at the pull power of one of the local orgs and the number of memebers it showed to keep their people on the AC.. fine good meeting after though!!! full house to about 5 people in the meeting in 3.2 votes flat.....
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    meet on face book here

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    Default Mat-Su AC needs people!!!!!

    Come the first of January, the Mat-su AC will be having 8 seats open. If anyone is interested in going for a seat, PM me please. Will give you times and dates. Ken

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    Thanks for the info. I thought about going but, worked on the snow machine instead. It is running now so maybe we will get some snow.

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    Default Sorry to hear

    The news I will take part of the fualt I was suppose to be a supporting cast memeber as well and Have not been able to find the amount fo time requrie to assist as I should.

    Next year not coaching hockey will free up the required time to help you all out.

    My Bad! Sorry bro's

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    Moose: Sorry I did not call you before the meeting. Jim had said you were interested in going, but I too ran out of time to do things. I did not run this time. I did not want to knock out any of the people running they were all good assets. I resigned last spring, and feel I will be gone too long again this winter.

    Hated to see Emma Lee voted off the board, She was a real asset. But a certain group that has been trying to take over the board for the last three years showed up in force again to get their members on the committee. So Emma Lee got bounced.
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