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    Thumbs up Compeaus Thumbs up

    I Spring Checked at 2010 Tundra LT last March and put down my 500 bucks to hold it. Well when September rolled around I had my savings account all stocked up and ready to drop the rest of the coin on my new sled. I was having dreams of powder so deep you had to swim to your sled in order to ride it. But alas it just wasn't in the cards this year as I stumbled on a heck of a deal on a new house. I had to sacrifice my sled money to add to the down payment for a place to hang my hat/helmet. So with heavy heart and sore check book I trudged into Compeau's expecting them to laugh all the way to the bank with my 500 dollar deposit and resell the sled. But I was actually surprised. They were kind enough to extend my deposit till 2010 with no hesitation at all. Ive grumbled and cusses at those guys in the past because they are the only Ski-doo dealer in town and can really stick it to you, but this time they were stand up great guys. So 2010 will be my year. But I don't feel too bad because the snow this year is for the birds. Im still riding my ATV and its December!

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    Thanks for sharring some possitive feed back with us. Also congrats on your new home...

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    Craig is a stand up guy! I have personally seen him bend over backwards for the customer! I wish every dealer was as good as Craig when it comes to customer service, and standing behind your product!


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