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Thread: Motor home rental in FBKS?

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    Default Motor home rental in FBKS?

    I'm planning on flying into Fairbanks in mid June and renting and RV. I've found several places I can do it, I just don't want to get burned.

    Has anyone here had any experience with this endeavor?

    I'd have posted this on the Camping forum, but I can't quite call an RV a camp....

    Thanks from Salmon, Idaho

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    Hi Lazer,

    Although I'm unfamiliar with the ins and outs of renting an RV in Fairbanks, this link might be helpful to give you some areas to consider in general.

    I also have an RV checklist (sorry, don't have the link for) that's pretty detailed for a prospective purchaser or renter. (MS word doc). If you'ld like get a hold of me and I'd be glad email it to you.

    - Jay


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