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Thread: Knowledge about Dall River, Dall City?

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    Default Knowledge about Dall River, Dall City?

    I'm planning a trip down the Dall river to Dall City and Dall Hot Springs.

    I want to enter it where it intersects the Dalton highway, then float down to Dall City, and explore the area. Then I want to float down and check out the old hot springs. Then I will end up at Steven's village, and from there we can float down the Yukon until we hit the highway again.

    Has anyone ever gone down the Dall river? I suppose I could ask some people who've been to Steven's village.

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    Default Log Jams

    Last time I was on the Dall (fall of 2008) there were a lot of log jams and tough sledding. I was in a Gatortrax boat with a Mudbuddy shallow water motor. Had to turn around about 15 river miles up from the Yukon. Don't know about putting in off the Dalton and floating down. Good luck.


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