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    Default Weather Website...

    Came across this website for weather, Just put pointer over the blue dots and it has current weather conditions...

    If anyone is interested....

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    Bookmarked! I'm the sort of goon that can't have enough weather information

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    Default AK weather

    Thanks! Great little site

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    Default Great

    What a great time saver. Then you can click on the dot and it goes to a National Weather Service page that shows even more details.

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    Default Outclassed!

    I love it when the locals beat me to the punch! And its even more sensational when my nose gets rubbed-in by a woman!


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    Default weather

    What do you expect! :-) I have lots of tricks up my sleeve... I had a few months off this winter, so i did a lot of surfing... Like to share cool stuff.

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    Default another one...kinda
    but its on water flow, still kind of interesting... anyone have that? :-)


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