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Thread: traveling thru Canada W/bow's

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    Default traveling thru Canada W/bow's

    Just planning a flight thru Canada to get my plane home and the thought I can carry a bow in the plane instead of a gun dawned on me. Does anybody know if its legal or do you have to go thru the permit stuff as you do with a gun?

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    I have drove through quite a bit to haine carrying a couple bows each time and havent had any issues. I tell them at the window that I have them entering.

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    I have flown w/my bow. Just make sure you let them know what it is and have it in a locked case w/the ability to open it for them. I wouldn't suggest having any broadheads in there! Arrows should be okay though. But I have never heard of any special permitting on bows. Just my two cents worth.
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    Ok. So I just re-read that and you are not taking a plane home commercially right? You are the pilot taking your "PLANE" home. Not sure on any of the regulations for that, sorry I spoke. You should still be able to declare it in whatever the normal process that you have to go through just to fly through Canada. I'd be interested to know the regulation on that though if you don't care to post the info when you know for sure. Thanks and good luck. Be safe.
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