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Thread: Kayak Hunting? For Deer?

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    Default Kayak Hunting? For Deer?

    Well I live in Kodiak and was thinking about getting a kayak for hunting the smaller islands around here for deer.

    If I boned out the deer and minimized other gear, is it feasible/concievable/stable/semi-safe that I could fit everything on a touring kayak-17 foot or so? Meaning deer meat and other gear and gun under hatches forward and aft and empty frame pack strapped down on top

    Or would it just be better to get a double? Or not bother?

    Zodiac or something? I don't like combustion if I can get around it.

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    I live on POW and a kayak would work fine for deer hunting. A quality 17 footer can easily hold your gear and a boned out deer or two. Don't get a double, too hard to use by yourself. If you're new to kayaking get out with an experienced person to learn the basics. Take it to the pool to get used to being upside down and learning wet exits and trying to roll. Lots of fun - watch the weather.

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    Guided both sea and white water, as long as you go minimalist and don't plan on actually firing a gun from one you should be fine. Take a class, take a class and one more thing take a class! Kayaks are not canoes and can be very dangerous in uneducated hands!

    There is also no better non motorised craft for ocean travel available.
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