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Thread: predator load for 300RUM

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    Default predator load for 300RUM

    My manual shows a Hornady FMJ 110gr going at 3400fps for my 300 ultra mag. Is that going to tear apart a hide too bad. I have a 257 roberts, but I love my 300 and would rather put the work into that. Thanks

    Actually any other load suggestions for the 300 would be great.

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    Barnes has a banded solid 165g boat tail bullet with a B.C. of .438. I have shot 168 TSX's from my RUM with 96g of Retumbo. It shoots well and is at the top of Barne's load data at around 3300 fps, but I do not have it chronographed to know exactly. Seems to me the hole would be the same size no matter what weight of bullet you use in .308, so long as there was no expansion. Might as well shoot the heavier bullet with a higher B.C?


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