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Thread: Cool raft stuff: cataraft wheelie

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    Default Cool raft stuff: cataraft wheelie

    gspd759 posted a link on another thread...which led to this one.
    Entertaining, but not for us river camping types...or hunters!

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    I've seen that one a few times, but it sure is fun to watch. I watched a friend almost do this on the Nenana once, but after it hung for a moment, it then proceeded to flip all the way over. I think that was actually more fun to watch, and over a decade later it is still etched into my mind. Thanks for the reminder.

    It is because of flips, and near flips, just like this this that causes me to load my raft front heavy if there the possibility of big water. If the major obstacle is more likely to be shallow water (typical scenario in Alaska), loading the boat stern heavy probably makes more sense. But big waves and holes are often run best with more weight in the bow.

    The video in question shows Crystal Rapid, which is arguably the biggest single hole/wave on the Colorado. Once I took a look at it in person, I chickened out and ran the boat down the right side. My hat's off to anyone willing to run the middle of this one. It's a doosey.

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    Reverse wheelie? In this case...maybe a bit nose heavy.
    Following pic (not mine) taken on the Slave River near Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.

    Good video at the following link if you have the time and bandwidth.
    Slave River Rapids

    From wiki...
    The Slave River and the rapids around Fort Smith are some of the best whitewater kayaking in the world. There are four sets of rapids: Pelican, Rapids of the Drowned, Mountain Portage, and Cassette.
    The rapids range from easy class I to unrunnable killer class VI holes. Huge volume, massive waves, and the home of the northern most river pelican colony in North America characterize this river.


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