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    Ive been using a Burris 3x9 Fullfield scope on my FN mauser for about 18 years now.About three years back I was hunting the mts. around Juneau for deer and took a fall ,banged my scope a little bit.It fogged up ,so when I got back to Anchorage I sent it back to Burris .They repaired the scope, I was satisfied with the results.On my last trip to juneau back in September, I slipped and fell on a very steep trail coming down the mt.I banged the scope pretty good this time,and myself also.It fogged up again.****.I had to borrow my friends other rifle for the remainder of the hunt...What im wondering is if Burris scopes are built any tougher then what they were 18 years ago?Any experiences? Im very satisfied with optics as far as clarity and such.Leaning toward there Signature Line of optics.I allready have the Signature spotting scope.Thanks....

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    I had an old Burris and had the same experience. All my other scopes are Leupolds.

    But I sure would like to see a neutral agency torture test of various scopes.
    Sometimes what looks rugged in a nice warm gunshop , isn't...


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