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    SHOULD SENATOR KOOKESH BE A LEADER IN THE SUBSISTENCE DEBATE?Since troopers caught him red handed with twice his legal limit of salmon, Senator Albert Kookesh of Angoon, has 1) abused his position as an elected state official by unfairly denouncing the State of Alaska, 2) openly disparaged the very laws we trust him to make binding upon us, and 3) unnecessarily and selfishly widened the racial divide between natives and non-natives over hunting and fishing rights.If one only listens to Senator Kookesh’s own selfish rhetoric and the sound bites flowing from the AFN convention in Anchorage, it might seem as if Mr. Kookesh was a hapless victim of inept State Fisheries management. A pure subsistence user who cannot possibly obey the law and feed his family at the same time.Through misleading public speeches and press releases, Mr. Kookesh brings dishonor to his public office and to the thousands of subsistence users statewide who manage to feed their families while also respecting the law.Every summer throughout all corners of our state, tens of thousands of Alaskans harvest salmon to feed their families. Under our State Constitution, still the highest law in our land, and the document Mr. Kookesh has pledged to uphold and support as a State Senator, all Alaskans are entitled to equal access to these publicly owned salmon.The Alaska Supreme Court has repeatedly held that Article 8, sections 3, 15 and 17, of our constitution expressly prohibit granting a harvest preference to any group or individual Alaskan based on their race or place of residence.Various attempts to define subsistence users by place of residence have been repeatedly rejected by the courts. Other attempts to place income caps on eligible subsistence users have been opposed by native leaders who correctly recognize that no amount of personal wealth can replace the emotional, physical, and cultural significance of harvesting ones own food.In his 2009 APOC financial declaration, Mr. Kookesh lists his family income at $216,738. Some of that income comes from a sport fishing lodge he owns and $75,000 comes from his board position on the Sealaska Regional Corporation. Sealaska is one of the 12 regional Native corporations created in 1971 by ANSCA. The corporations were granted 44 million acres of land and almost 1 billion dollars in cash in exchange for forever relinquishing claims to special aboriginal hunting and fishing rights. Until Mr. Kookesh is willing to relinquish the cash and land, and dissolve the ANSCA created corporation that has benefited him so much over the years, he cannot claim any superior right to harvest fish. A deal is a deal.Mr. Kookesh, in his broad reaching PR campaign, has made the observation that he doesn’t expect to win his criminal case, but rather is using the case to pursue an agenda designed to force the federal government to take over subsistence
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    Several years ago I had occasion to witness Albert in action. He "ordered" the hit on juvenile brownies that were raiding the garbage he or his minions where too lazy to take to the dump/zoo 2.5 miles down the road. They typically left the garbage in the back of the one of their pickups or on the porch next to the front door. I have a photo of the back of his head as we all watched the two "dead bears walking" enjoy the spaghetti.

    The hit took place several days later. The two bruins were cornered under the rock face westerly of the dock on the shore. The next day the hides and heads(?) where removed. The carcasses where dragged below low water and left to sleep with the fishes.

    As a senator this man is a clown.

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    Absolutely not. Seems he feels that since he a subsistence hunter he is above whatever rules anyone else has to oblige. Is he's the best guy for senator up in Angoon, I'd be scared.
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