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    I mentioned in another thread about wanting to buy a new scope and asked some questions about objective lens and magnification.

    Well I bought a new scope at a gun show over the week end. The scope is called Eclipse and is made by Hawke. I the scope I got is for my AR15. I use it exclusively for coyote and bobcat hunting and I needed better magnification.

    The scope is a 6-24x50 with a side focus turret and lighted red or green mildot. I almost forgot it also has a 30mm tube.

    I bought it after looking through it and discussing it with the dealer for quite some time. Now I did it with a little hesitation because I had my mind set on another Nikon. I bought though because at the show it look as clear as ANYTHING I have ever looked through. I mounted it as soon as I got home and checked it side by side with a Nikon Buckmasters 3x9x44 and found that this new Eclipse kicked its butt in clarity and light gathering in low light conditions. Yes I know it was a little unfair for the light gathering test, but what the hey.

    The next two tests are going to be holding zero and click repeatability. I will sight the gun into today and then over the next couple of weeks put the scope through the ringer. I am pretty confident though as the scope is made for an English company and the English because of gun control are huge air gun shooters. If anyone is into air guns you know that high powered piston guns are brutal on scopes. With that said I was still a little hesitant until I found out that Hawke has a life time warranty.

    The price: I paid $277 with a set of 30mm rings and 2 extra batteries for the lighted mil dot. Now this is a mid line scope and so far would put it up against anything in the $200-$600 dollar range. So far it is kicking the crap out of my Nikons and Weavers, which I prefer to Leupolds.

    Oh yeah, one other feature that I like, is the instant focus ring for the mil dot. You set it for your eye relief so that the mil dot is in instant focus when you throw up the scope.

    Any how; so far this scope seems to be my new "value for the buck" scope. The Eclipse series is made in China for Hawke. Hawke also has another line made in Japan called the frontier and runs in the $400 - $600 price range. I also looked at the frontier but was unable to detect any differences in the clarity of the glass. There was a few minor differences in controls and maybe some other things that I was not paying attention too.

    Like I said I will be giving this scope a work out over the next few weeks and I will keep you guys informed.

    One last thing I forgot to mention. The scope has about 100 MOA of elevation adjustment and about 75 MOA windage adjustment.

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    well I put the scope through it's paces today. After dialing in the scope I put about 120 rounds through my AR15. Mostly I was playing with the turrets and seeing how repeatable they were.

    So far, so good. I am very happy. Everything seems to hold true and the clicks are extremely accurate and repeatable so far. Before I give it a complete passing grade, I need to do this at least 2 more times. If it keeps up like this though I think I have found my new favorite scope value.

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    Default Another test

    As I learned with camera lenses many years the major diference in modern optical devices is more mechanical than optical performance- I think you are seeing this with the side by side optical comparisons. With modern high refraction glass, good coatings, computer controlled precsision lense grinding and color correction there just isn't the difference in optics that there was 50 or more years ago.

    I'd like to see how it holds up on a magnum rifle like a .338,. 375 etc. If it passes that test I'll truly be impressed and agree with your bang for the buck - I do hope you found a bargain.

    FYI - air rifles tend to tear up normal scopes because they recoil forward rather that backwards due to the release of the spring. Normal scopes just aren't constructed for that reverse recoil. So a scope built for an air gun may not be good for a standard firearm and vice versa.
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