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Thread: shrimp traps?

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    Default shrimp traps?

    Hi guys,

    I live in California (I know it sucks) and I just went crabbing last weekend and found a few prawns in my crab traps.

    I would like to add a prawn trap to my string. I am thinking of making the trap myself and would like some input from the experts on how it should be set up. I build my crab traps out of rebar 24"x24"x10" square and they weigh about 25# each I was thinking of using the same frame and covering it with some fine mesh. with a tunnel on each side. How do you guys think that would work. How big should my tunnel opening be. our regs just say the tunnel cant have an opening larger than 5".

    I will have one trap on the line with one 5"x11" buoy and it may be subjected to 15-20 foot seas

    I will be targeting coon stripe/spot prawns

    Thanks, Patrick

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    Why don't you save yourself the trouble and get a hold of Potbuilder here on the forum and have him send you a couple. Don't think there is much better out there.

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    I am sure there aren't but I just cant justify the price+shipping for a fishery that is relatively unknown at least to me. If I build it and it doesn't pan out no big deal I can convert it into another crab trap or a crawdad trap.

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    Check your regs, as you might have different requirements for the opening of the mesh than in ak.

    I'd have to measure the opening of the tunnels in my traps, They are certainly smaller than 5" maybe 3", and I know some folks have put rods or other obstructions in the openings of their tunnels to keep octopus and other non targeted critters out.

    I'd think to an extent bait would be more important than the construction of the trap. I've used the commercial pellets, and also hang a hole herring in the trap. Just run a zip tie in through the gill, out the mouth and attach it to the top of the trap to hang bait.

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    Thumbs up What you described

    Sounds right. Make sure your bait is stinky and oily.
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