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    Hit the river on Sat. 5th and headed out Corral Hill (a little bumpy! Not to bad). Will be grooming on Mon.! Got on the Big Su. and Larry from LSDA had done a little trail magic as we call it, over to where the Deshka meets Kroto Slough. From there headed to GCI trail over to to Yentna. Put up some new trail markers at both ends. A little overflow in the GCI trail but not to bad, will be well worn by Mon. Then headed up the Yentna and the snow just got deeper. Just great riding everwhere from there up! Stoped at Dave Luces and had a Burger and Brew and headed back, and someone had staked the trail down to Scary Tree Corner. So I started over on the trail to Big Lake known as Fish Creek Trail and knew that I did not want to bump my way in that way. So I seen and few tracks headed up river part way over and took them and what a fun run up the river to connect back in the upper Kroto Slough. (One good hole. Easy to go around!) Lots of open river to rip up!!!
    So if you are want to head up river, now the season has started!!!!
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    Thanks for the info!
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