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Thread: 20 gauge for predators?

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    Default 20 gauge for predators?

    I was just wondering what people think about using a 20 on foxes and coyotes. I own a little Remington 870 youth but don't have much use for it since I bought a Super Nova. I love that little thing but I cant find much use for it nowadays. I would also like to know what shot and choke to use.

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    Default Choke

    I would say use a full choke for sure. I've never used a 20 so I'm not sure what you should use for size of shot though.

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    Use full choke. Try #4 shot, #2 shot, and # 4 buck shot. Pattern your gun and see what your effective range is for each shot size. Then pick what shoots best in your gun. It is also possible that # 5 or #6 shot will work if fox size game is the largest animal you will be calling.


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