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Thread: babies / toddlers & sleds

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    Question babies / toddlers & sleds

    Hey foks,
    Need some input..

    We are looking at selling one of our fourwheelers and possibly buying an Argo with a cab, heater and tracks so we can haul the baby with us..

    Havent been out snowmaching alot, used two have a 550 polaris two up..

    Do you all take your babies and toddlers with you?

    If so how do you haul them? Keep them warm etc?

    P.S. not interested in crazy moutain riding - more interested in trail riding and using machines for recreation / hunting.


    Thanks for the help..


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    My wife used to carry our daughter in a Snuggly, one of those fabric baby carriers that keeps the kid on your chest. She'd wear one of my coats and zip it over both of them. It worked for us later with a puppy as well. You DO NOT want to have a moving accident with your kid attached to you.

    The most difficult issues we had with snowmachining with a small child (toddler) were that there are few good clothing options that will keep a kid warm enough, and helmets are hard to get for small kids, at least helmets that aren't too heavy for little necks. We started with a bicycle helmet. That bike helmet saved my daughter's head on the very first ride it went on. Another thing is when the kid becomes a toddler and rides on the seat in front of you, you're forced to keep your posture straight and your head high. Doing so in -25* temps burned my face worse than any frostbite event I've ever had.

    All that said, I now have a teenage motorhead daughter. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing.


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