The Military/Dependent/Government (MGD) Chapter of ALASKA DUCKS UNLIMITED invites you to come out and have a great time while supporting wetlands conservation on 19 DECEMBER 2009 during our annual banquet.

Location, general timing and pricing options are as follows:

St Patrick Parrish
2111 Muldoon Rd, Anchorage
Doors open at 530PM
Dinner starts at 630PM
LIVE AUCTION starts at 8PM

$45 Single
$65 Couple
$30 Greenwing (17 or younger)
$250 Greenwing Legacy
- DU membership until 21st birthday
- Qualifies for the Sponsor Raffle!!
$270 Sponsor
$290 Sponsor Couple

This banquet is a limited seating economical alternative for those that want to support DUCKS UNLIMITED but are looking for an event where they aren’t competing against a room full of high rollers flipping C-notes like pennies into a wishing well … we try to keep the playing field friendly for what we think of as the $10 and $20 crowd … and we are in that crowd, too!

As always, there will be a LIVE and SILENT AUCTION with prints, decoys, guns and other DUCKS UNLIMITED unique items. And we are going to say it up front … we only set our minimums at cost or as required by DU, if we even set a minimum bid. Further, we do not allow committee members or anyone else to run up bids. We like to see folks get good deals just as much as anyone. Just remember that the committee members get to bid just like everyone else and they know a good deal when they see it, too!

There will also be a TIERED RAFFLE with GENERAL, BONUS and SUPER BONUS categories ... and all three are filled with great prizes. Of note, for those that have been to an MGD banquet in the past, you will recall that we are one of the few banquets that always have a shootin’ iron in the GENERAL RAFFLE in addition to the BONUS and SUPER BONUS.

Speaking of GENERAL RAFFLE prizes … Although haircuts, car washes and NAPA ball caps hold a special place in our hearts, we don’t think that they should dominate the GENERAL RAFFLE so you won’t find much of that in our banquet … we put a lot of cool stuff into our banquet!

As a reminder, you get $25 in GENERAL tickets just for walking through the door in addition to a door prize!

Plus, our EARLY BIRD SPECIAL is geared towards the TIERED RAFFLE and it is something that everyone gets to enjoy. $100 TIERED RAFFLE PACKS ARE ONLY $50 UNTIL THE DOORS OPEN! Each one of these packs gets you 25 GENERAL, 5 BONUS and 1 SUPER BONUS tickets.

Once the door opens TIERED ticket packs will cost:

$25 for 5 GENERAL tickets
$50 for 10 GENERAL and 2 BONUS tickets
$100 for 25 GENERAL, 5 BONUS and 1 SUPER BONUS tickets

In addition to the TIERED RAFFLE, we also have some very popular specialty raffles like the GOLDEN GOOSE, WHEELBARROW-O'-BOOZE, and TEAL. Tickets are $10 each or 4-for-$20. And don’t be surprised if you get $25 in GENERAL RAFFLE tickets when you purchase $20 worth of specialty raffle tickets!!

And you can count on a blitz raffle or two.

When you call for banquet tickets, don’t forget to ask about our PRE-EVENT RAFFLE. We believe in great prizes but realize that not everyone thinks alike so we try to provide options. As such our PRE-EVENT RAFFLE gives you three distinctly different prizes to choose from:

$500 Sportsman’s Warehouse Gift Card
$500 Intuitions Day Spa Gift Card
Weatherby Vanguard .338 WinMag (Stainless/Synthetic) with a 3-9x12 scope

Pre-event tickets are $10 each or 3-for-$20. Only 300 tickets will be sold!

Although it would be impossible to list all of the specific prizes to be won, we would like to let you know that there will be …

-Guns by Benelli, Browning, Beretta, Ruger, Mossberg, Remington, Henry and more!
-Over 10 decorative decoys
-Over 15 prints with two Redlin’s on the LIVE AUCTION
-Alaska Collector Series decoy (LIVE AUCTION)
-Alaska unique prints (LIVE AUCTION)
-Working decoys by Avery/Greenhead Gear, Flambeau and Herter’s
-Outdoor gear by Avery, Cabela’s, and Buck Knives

The food menu has not been set at this time.

To purchase tickets or for more information contact:

Anchorage - REECE BALDWIN 907-753-1699
EagleRiver - SCOTT HOWARD 907-622-2422
The Valley - TOD HEMMERT 907-622-8144
Ft Richardson & Elmendorf AFB - DAVID MILLER 907 222-1833