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Thread: 06 Tundra Value

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    Default 06 Tundra Value

    I would like to know, what a 2006 Tundra Lt 300cc ls worth? It has between 200-300 miles just like new. Elec. start & Rev. 136" track. Also what is the opinion of them for hunting and towing a sled with ice fishing gear. Or are they not capable of pulling much weight? Thanks for the opinion.

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    I ride a 2007 300F

    It pulls OK:

    It plays off trail pretty well. Not as well as my 550F. Well enough to enjoy. The ergonomics are great for an old back. It is light when it needs a hand getting out of a pinch. It rarely digs itself into a hole and is easy to get out most of the time. We rode in 4+ feet of powder for 3 months last year. Great times.



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