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Thread: Admiralty Deer Hunting info

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    Default Admiralty Deer Hunting info

    Hi all, Just became a member a week ago, and thought I would say Hi.

    Moved to Alaska in 07, working at a remote fish hatchery back in Snettisham off of Stephans Passage south of Juneau. I am taking the boat over to Admiralty next week for some deer hunting. I was thinking about the Mole Harbor area in the Seymour Canal.

    Has anybody been seeing any deer over on The Island?

    I have not seen many reports on the Hunting forum.

    Any info is much appreciated.


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    Default Deer hunting


    We have a few deer left on the island, try coming over to Hawk inlet. You can hunt the road system. Just watch out for the mine trucks. You will have to park you boat at the mouth of the bay. Because Greens Creek owns the dock and won't let no-employees land there.

    Good Luck


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