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    Posted a few days ago about the special on Camofire for the Ascent pants--went with those versus the 90% pants based on the input on this forum (didn't want to get something that causes overheating).

    Now I see on Camofire the 90% Lite Pants for $111.50--wonder if anybody has experience with these--website says they are from the 2008-09 model year? Maybe this alleviates the problem of overheating?

    Not sure what the difference would be then between the 90% Lite and the Ascent. When I look at the SitkaGear homepage i cannot even find the "Lite" version--maybe it was discontinued?

    They don't have the size/color combo I was looking for anyway but maybe this will help somebody else out.

    Also--Cabelas has the 90% Lite jacket on sale for ~$125 with a $20 off for orders over $100--so you could get a matching jacket/pants in the same model and pattern. Cabelas doesn't have my jacket size otherwise I think I would scoop this deal up.

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    I have the 90's and the 90 lite's. They really are 2 different animals, the 90's are a thicker material, basically the same as the 90 jacket, I took them both on my sheep hunt this year,,,,,,,,,,we had poor weather, the regular 90's were my go to, did overheat a couple of times but for the most part they are decent at breathing

    The lights are nice too, they are thin, block the wind well, and would be great for 40 plus temps? Depending on activity, I did get cold a couple times huddled under a siltarp with diagonal wind and rain for a couple hours here and there, with just lightweight thermals on.

    Used them walking in and walking out, can't compare them to the acents, but my guess is that they are similar, This was a late aug sheep hunt,

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    I have the 90Lite's pants and have used them this last week while hiking between 0 and +5F. Just a pair of middle wt long john's under neath. No wind though, but they were perfect in performance IMHO. My legs never got cold, nor too hot.
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