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Thread: Any land owners on Trapper Creek?

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    Default Any land owners on Trapper Creek?

    I found a small parcel on Trapper creek, west of the Parks Hwy. This place is actually right on the creek too. I've never explored Trapper creek, so my questions is: Any good moose hunting in the area, also is Trapper Creek navigatable in say a canoe on the west side of the parks?
    If you know the area or have fished/floated/hunted it then I would love to hear from you regarding the property.

    Thanks in advance,
    Billy Jack

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    Any property on Trapper Creek, would be HIGHLY suspect as being prone to being wet, flood prone, glaciering prone and covered in dense alders and poor drainage. Don't buy land in the winter, unless you know exactly what you are buying. Hold off until spring and take a good look at it in winter, spring thaw and summer. The big game hunting is maginal at best. Not the place you would want to start out walking from, to shoot a moose.
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    Most if not all of Trapper Creek is low and wet, but there will be benches set on both sides of the creek which would offer good dry building ground, but it depends on the piece. The creek itself has beavers so you are going to encounter dams, and fallen trees, probably not canoe-able. Good Luck.


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