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    Default Dm427 - Updates

    Well what's the word... I saw one dead cow and dozens of cold hunters. How'd others do?

    Opening day crowds are always a little dis-heartening.... Besides that it was a fun day.

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    Default Lots of moose....

    I seen alot of moose but had a group of hunters making as much noise as a bunch of teenagers at highschool party come down the hill as soon as I started glassing.

    Over all I had a great first day. I heard someone got a cow off of bulldog, but I also heard there was alot of traffic over in that unit.

    On a side note for those signing in at the visiters center when the other system is down, make sure the areas you are signing into are open for recreation. I noticed a few hunters signed into areas that are currently closed. I would hate for someone to call in a kill and find out the area is closed.

    Goood luck and I will see you out there...
    Hopefully it warms up a bit.

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    Default Snowwwwwww

    Hopefully it will push them out of the hills.

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    there are alot of moose on bulldog. the three of us in my family have taken our's there. like i said before would like go with someone if they need a partner. good luck. cows are tasty and fill the freezer.

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    Default The Latest

    So far our tally for the winter hunt stands at 9 archery kills, 2 muzzleloader kills. All the archery kills so far have been cows and calves. Both muzzleloader kills were bulls, and both still had antlers (one was 25, the other was 43.5).

    I was one of the archery kills... What a fun day!!!

    Started off after a couple of short hours of sleep and well before day light. Kids, dogs and duties have a tendency to do that to a guy...

    I hunted a majority of the morning off the trails. About mid morning I decided to relocate and try branching off the Bull Dog trail. I had hunted it to the south a few days before so I this time I opted to head north.

    Snow had been falling all day and was really starting to accumulate. But that just made finding fresh sign that much easier. I Walked a little ways north on Bull Dog when I stumbled upon a lone cow about 40 yards off the trail. I was able to close the distance to about 30 yds and loosed my first shot. It was slightly up hill and broadside. The shot was true but slightly back from where I had intended. She was hit hard and I believed it to be a killing shot. She did'nt run far, only about 20yds when she stopped and quartered away. I slowly stalked to within 20yds of her and loosed a second arrow that was a beautiful double lung. She dropped with in 10 steps and that was it.

    This was my first bow kill and could'nt have had more of an exciting and adventurous time.

    I spent the afternoon field dressing and preparing to make the haul out. That comment of no sleep was starting to REALLY catch up about now...

    Finally got the whole moose on the sled including the cape. Against my buddies advice I tried like HECK to pull the sled myself. Well you can only imagine how well that went... If it were'nt for my two buddies and two strangers I'd likely still be out there packing.

    Speaking of those strangers.... I'm not sure they would want their name posted here so I won't do that... However, I'd like to send out a sincere thanks for their help. After running into my buddy at the car they walked all the way down the trail just to help. I was initially hesitant thinking their offer was insincere and just pulled with what pride and energy I had left. They kept up asking if they could carry a pack, the bow or even pull on the sled. I was offered water, food and even a hearty congratulations. After several minutes and fatigue quickly setting I swallowed my stupid pride and I opted to accept their gracious offer.

    We all pulled and within a very short time found ourselves back at the cars.

    What an awesome display of "outdoorsmanship" (if that's a word). Truth be known an act like that is nothing short of noble. It's encouraging to see...

    What a fun day... did I say that already?

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    Apparently a Big 3 brow tine bull is chilling by the alpenglow road.
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    If only that area was open, I've seen a few bulls in that vally.

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    Default Penalty - Fair catch interference; 15 Yards

    Quote Originally Posted by akrstabout View Post
    there are alot of moose on bulldog.
    Quote Originally Posted by ak_powder_monkey View Post
    Apparently a Big 3 brow tine bull is chilling by the alpenglow road.

    "Communications equipment my be used for safety; however, they may not be used to aid the taking of game."

    Since this is a subjective definition of "communicated the location of game" it was not communicated with a "expectation of privacy"; the penalty will be 5 yards ... reset your pins.

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    Well after passing up on six cows so far this hunt, I decided someone (other than the wife) was trying to tell me just shot a moose already. I had my mind set on a bull any bull. I started out the morning in the pullout at around 8:45. Thinking to my self I really dont want to hike to the top again but I had seen alot of moose up there including the only bull I had seen since the season opened. While waiting for daylight, I look up the hill I planed on spoting from and what do I see? Standing just on the other side of the fence was a fat big cow. Thinking to myself, you have got to be joking anouther cow. I watched as se walked strait at me with her head in the brush closing the distance to 27yrds. I put on my release and reach for my bow and then a greedy little voice says but you want a bull. So I sit there as she walks into the bush.

    So then I start the hike, thinking what a pack out its going too be if that bull is still in the same HOLE as when I had seen him last. About 30min into the hike I look up and about shait myself as now there are not one but two huge cows standing broadside 30yrds away. Well I pushed my luck AGAIN and passed on them as well. As I got closer to the top I started seeing more sign but there was also alot of snow. When it came time to put the snow shoes on I decided to turn back as it was only going to get deeper on the other side.

    On the slow walk down I decide that I have had a great hunt and I was going to take the next moose I see. Well it didnt take long. I get to the area I had passed on the other two earlier and there she is. Same as before, 30yrds broadside and standing on the trail. But there was two problems, she was looking stait at me and the shot was blocked by alders.

    I knock an arrow and draw, knowing that if I move down the trail about 10yrds I will have a clear shot. I slowly make my way down the trail with her eyes still on me. I make it down the trail to a clear shooting lane without her moving. Take a knee and slowly release the shot. It was like the whole thing was in slow motion. I watched the fletchings enter as its a perfect double lung shot. She takes off down the hill, knowing it was a good shot I just wait as I look for the arrow. The same arrow I had recovered from my Caribou in August.

    I give her about 30min and I start down the trail, the snow was pretty deep so I put the shoes on just incase I had to take anouther shot I did'nt want to be hip deep in the white stuff. Not finding much blood on her trail then, holy crap there is the arrow. The fletchings must have held it for a few feet down the trail before it fell out. I go anouther couple yards and there she is. She had only gone about 30yrds and expired, could'nt have been better.

    With the work know at my feet I begin my long list of phone calls.

    What a great way to end the year.

    Good luck to everyone and Happy New Year!!!!

    Dave said this makes 12 Cows so far.. Not sure if the muzzleloaders have taken any more.

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    Default congrats

    on your hunt! good job!

    yes it is time to start seriously thinking about a cow- I have seen lots of cows and calfs, some were even in the hunting zones. But the only bull I have seen has been that 30-36" bull around the main entrance/highway area(twice). I have mostly been hunting around bulldog trail and unit 8a, it seem the moose know just where the hunt boundaries are too. I saw a cow with three calfs tonight tonight they were a pretty spooky bunch, not like the ones near bulldog trail - you could just about pet them!

    good luck guys!


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