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    Decided to refinish the stock on my wife's Model 70 XTR Sporter 270, made in 1973. I think the plastic finish on the stock was called Win-Tuff, but I'm not sure. However, the coating IS tough. As usually, I start by scraping off as much finish as I can with several thin sharp blades, one straight, one curved. Man, this stuff is durable. 36 years old and still good. But, I like an oil type finish, so... I shy away from using finish removers, but I might do so in this case. Now, to find a good polyurethane finish remover. What a fun project. Well, at least the glass-bedding came out just right.

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    Default tough finishes

    Some of the modern sythetic finishes are indeed tough - especially to remove.

    I've got an 1909 Mauser in a fancy maple stock that someone put a thick coat of urathane or such on long ago. Looks great except when they took it out in extreme cold and the finish contracted faster than the wood of the stock. I've got to break down and get that stuff off someday - I dread the thought.
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    Well, the old "plastic" finish is off the stock now. I just kept scraping away with my blades until the material coming off changed from white (plastic shavings) to brown. I then kept sanding with 180 paper until the finish looked good. The walnut isn't AA grade, but it will look nice with a good oil finish, 5-6 coats.

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    The way we stripped stocks was to put them in a tub with one gallon of acetone and then one gallon of alcohol.Strips any finish plus removes old oil. Its safe and works and what we use for high dollar shotgun stocks. Let it set a couple of days in each turning as need to keep wet.Just rub the gunk off


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