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    Default SKS's

    I just delivered the second of two pick-up loads of red elm firewood. In return I received a like new Norinco SKS. I took it appart and from looking at the gas tube/piston it doesn't look like its ever been fired. yeilded me a B Square scope mount and rings for 25 bucks. Just wondering what kind of accuracy to expect with this thing. Some forums claim they will out shoot the Mini-30s( big accomplishment) but good enough for tracking coyotes in wooley terrain.

    I will run to Brownells and grab a cheap stock as these things were made for runts.

    What do you guys think of the SKS? What about stocks? The druganov stock from Choate looks kinda cool for little $ and little is what I plan to spend.

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    My Norinco paratrooper carbine holds about 4-6 MOA. Not something I'd bother putting a scope on, since the scope mounts are particularly bad for SKS's. I tried two, and they were mounted high, and not very securely no matter how tight the screws were. I personally would just either keep the stock sights, or get a set of peeps for it.

    On mine, (pre-ban) I put on a folding stock, and with the paratrooper carbine model, makes an excellent pack/survival rifle.

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    I put a synthetic sporting stock on a Russian SKS. The first time I took my wife out with it she hit a paper plate 10 out of 10 times, standing off hand. I told her, that this was now her deer rifle.

    They make a great little farm gun. Throw it in the truck, on the tractor or on the snow machine and not worry about it. I like just having open sights on them. This way I am not tempted to try and shoot past it's range. I do have a peep sight on the back of it and only shoot it out to about 100 yards give or take.

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    Default SKS

    Pull the top cover off and remove the bolt assembly (takes all of 30 seconds). Then take the bolt and remove all the cosmoline in it. Many times there is storage grease and cosmoline in the bolt/fireing pin and it will hold the fireing pin out causeing the rifle to cycle full auto.
    While the stock IS made for shorter size people replaceing the stock with an aftermarket has little effect on improveing accuracy. If you just need to lengthen the stock just install a 1" recoil pad; I know the rifles have nearly no recoil. Yep it'll still be ugly but functional.
    The scope mounts that replace the top cover are never real stable, Since the cover has to be removed for cleaning.
    The european/asian ammo for this rifle uses .311 diameter boat-tail style bullets, US ammo uses .308 bullets some of which aren't boattail. So try different ammo and manufacturers to see what shoots best in your rifle.
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    Default For what they are

    Think of the SKS as a semi-auto .30-30. The cartidges have about the same power and accuracy as a run of the mill .30-30 lever gun.

    The guns vary considerably in quality - some of the Russian and early Chinese aren't too bad as military rifles go. The late ChiCom guns with pressed in barrels and stanped quards are pretty crude. However the best shooting one I had was one of the late crude ones.

    Most ammo is also pretty crappy. Slug your barrel and load up some rounds with the proper sized bullets and accuracy may improve noticeably.
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    My sks shot about 18" patterns at 50yds when I got it. I read that the crowns tend to be rough and a recrown will sometime help a lot. I recrowned mine and it now shoots about 4" at 100 yds. Plenty good enough for it's power level.

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    I have an older one that we put a synthetick stock on. Shoots 3-5" at 100 yards and has killed a few white tails, A great rifle for corn stalking or drive hunting.

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    Default Russian SKS

    I picked up a Russian SKS about 15 years ago. I don't use it much in AK. But when I lived in NV where you can shoot varmints with salvaging them, It was my favorite Jack rabbit gun. I can honestly say that I have probably dispatched somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 jack with that old beast. No recoil and a nice wack on the other end makes it a good beater gun. Back when you could pick up a box of wolf for 2 bucks I routinly put one hundred rounds though it a weekend. I actually took the scope off of it and just used the open sites which work just fine. I never put it on paper but for a 150 dollar gun id day you could shoot coyotes, rabbits etc with it at 100 yards all day long. Great gun for folks that don't like big recoil.

    Now for a little story about my SKS:

    A buddy and I were out calling coyotes and shooting rabbits one day and after a stand, I left the old SKS on the back bumper like a idiot and we drove away. I didn't notice till we were about 2 miles away. So we turned around and headed back. Well the gun lasted about 100 yards till it fell off in a mud hole. I would have never even saw it except the sling was floating. So I waded out into the soup and grabbed the gun. Disgusted with myself thinking my day was done. Fortunately I had black electrical tape on the the muzzle. As I walked back to the truck with my buddy laughing his butt off at me. I happened to glance out towards a gully and guess what... Mr coyote came trotting out and stood broadside at 50 yards looking at me. Well being the dumb kid that I was didn't even thing about it. I yanked the rifle up jacked a shell into it and put sights on fur and squeezed the trigger. After the coyote dropped I realized that was pretty stupid. Im lucky that old beast didn't blow up on me, but it does say that the Russian knew how to make a reliable firearm. When I got home that night and cleaned it the whole action was full of sandy silty crap. I couldn't believe it fired.

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    Default The way I did one up...

    I picked up one of the Yugoslav guns. First and very best thing I did to it was send the trigger group to a fella in Texas that operates using the name "Kivaari". Came back with a 4 lb two stage pull.
    Next up, I put it into one of the Tapco collapsing butt synthetic stocks, pitched the bayonet lug, and grenade sight, as well as the 'stock' ten round magazine assembly, and bought a half dozen of the Tapco mags.
    Having tried, and being disgusted by almost ALL of the 'put it on without any modification' scope mounts, I ended up getting the Choate side mount, drilled and tapped the thing and put a red dot on it.
    As to ammunition, I just couldn't bring myself to using that nasty 'commie' ammo, so I ordered in some WW brass, Sierra bullets, a set of RCBS dies, and then took the rig to the range, where I ended up getting 1.5 inch groups just about any time I wanted to.
    Only problem was, that it ended up weighing nearly as much as my Garand, and ain't near as much fun to shoot, so it went down the road a couple days after the last Presidential Election...................

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    Default I had an SKS...

    didn't like it...sold it...

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    Have a norinco that we picked up for $100.
    Shoots darn good for what it is.
    Have taken both moose and bou.

    It has survived a drowing in the boat when we almost died yrs ago.
    Did not get to cleaning it for 5 days.
    Got home and sprayed it down with some good lube then cleaned it really good a week later.

    Would look for another one.


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