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Thread: H4227 and IMR 4227

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    Default H4227 and IMR 4227

    Can these be substituted for each other? I see they are next to each other on the burn chart. I have alot of .45 Colt data that uses H4227, just wondering if I could put my IMR powder to use.
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    I never substitute directly at max or near max loads, but part of the joy of handloading is seeing what works where. Before I owned a shelf full of reloading manuals I built a lot of loads, some standard and some wildcat, based on data from the burn-rate chart. The biggest thing to remember is start below the minimum load for the listed powder and progress slowly. For handgun cartridges if the powders are right next to each other on the chart, I usually drop 10% below minimum if I'm substituting a faster powder. If I'm substituting the slower powder I drop 5%. I think you'll be able to use the IMR just fine in your 45LC loads.

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    It's my understanding that it's the same stuff.

    Certainly, the Data is interchangeable.

    I can't get the Hodgdon 4227 anymore. I heard it was no longer made. I had to go with the IMR. I did notice that the Hodgdon I was using was a yellowish color, and the IMR wasn't.

    Murphy highly recommends 4227, and he oughta know.

    There are other powders that are the same, like W760 and H414, W296 and H 110, and maybe a couple more.

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