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Thread: acceptable bullet weight variations

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    Default acceptable bullet weight variations

    I have been weighing some of my bullets lately. I have found the Noslers to be about +/- .2 grains. The Barnes TTSX bullets are up to a full grain difference, with many of them being heavier (.7-.9 grains). How much of a difference is this at say 400-500 yards? I will assume not much below 300. I am shooting a .300 win and a .300 RUM.

    I called the Barnes rep today and he said their testing had no appreciable differences at 100 yards with different weight bullets. He said he did some of the testing himself with bullets much more than 1 grain difference and still did not notice a change. That is why 165g and 168g load data is the same.

    Any other experiences with this?

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    I ran the numbers in a ballistic program to check drop at 300yards when zeroed at 100 yards. I first ran a 178gr followed by a 182gr with velocity being the same. The point of impact at 300 yards is the same.

    I too weigh bullets in a box and sort by weight, it just seems like the right thing to do. In reality it doesn't make any difference at all with these small variances.

    I just ran tests on a 300WM that I was working up. I used Nosler Ballistic Tip 180's, they were close at 179.8 to 180.2 for the box of 50 with the majority weighing 179.9gr. Barnes TSX and even MRX, (the high dollar ones) have a large spread sometimes as much as 3.5gr in the 300gr TSX. I just feel this is a poor manufacturing tolerance. I do like the bullet and have great results with it.

    On an other note, with a 100 count box of 175gr Bergers that I weighed only 8 bullets didn't weight 175gr. The 8 in question were only off by .1gr, very consistent.

    If you makes you feel like your doing your best to produce the very best ammo by sorting weights then do it. If it's not worth your time or effort then don't worry about it, it really doesn't matter.


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