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Thread: Canoeing Trapper Creek question???

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    Default Canoeing Trapper Creek question???

    I'm wanting to see if anyone has gone up or down Trapper Creek in a canoe. I found some property (close to September Lake). Looks like on google earth that I may be able to use my canoe vs walking in to look at it. Is Trapper creek navigatable, conditions etc. I'd be launching from the parks hwy at Trapper Creek. Is it comparable to say the Little Su? Any help/ advise would be appreciated. Thanks Billy

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    Not like the Little Su at all. We have a cabin about a mile upstream of September Lake and have canoed down Trapper Creek to the lake a few times. Usually late and after a few beers. How it goes depends on the state of the beaver dams on the creek.

    We haven't tried to go down to the highway but a guy who has a cabin on the lake says it is much worse (shallow, rocky) then above the lake.


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