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Thread: Kotz to Kobuk/Pah confluence

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    Default Kotz to Kobuk/Pah confluence

    Hi guys,

    First off, if this is the wrong forum to ask, please place this thread where it should be.

    Im trying to organize a potential float trip from 10-15 miles up the Pah down to Kobuk Village.

    I am in touch with Jim Kincaid out of Kotzebue and he is very helpful but his plane can only take 700lbs of gear.
    We are 3 adults of approx. 200lbs so this requires 2 trips.

    Does anyone know of a pilot out of Kotz with a larger craft that can do this in 1 trip?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hageland runs a 206 out of Kotzebue and can probably handle what you're looking to do.


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    Thanks Akaviator.

    I just sent them an email. Hope they can do this trip. It would save us lots of time and money.


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