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    I need a new bullet puller. I have one that works like a hammer. A guy give me a bunch of mixed brass some is loaded with who knows what? I am afraid to shoot this ammo and my puller will not pull some of it. I beat until I thought this thing would fly apart and some of it never slipped at all. I am interested in one that works with a press but have never used one of these. Will one puller work for all calibers or do you have to buy one for each caliber or extra parts for each caliber?

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    Look here:

    Usually a collet is needed for each caliber but some of these are universal.

    Good Luck.
    It doesn't matter what you miss them with.

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    If you have loading dies for these hard top pull rounds, use your seater die and seat them a little deeper to break them loose and then they should come out easier. Also, don't use a firm grip on the handle and get the head speed up as high as you can and hit it against something very hard. I use an anvil or a concrete flood. I have never had a bullet take more than three or four whacks. Small calibers are the worst as they have very little mass. I have one of the rcbs collet pullers but haven't used it in years as it damages the bullets. It does take a seperate collet for each caliber. I think the light grip allows the hammer to bounce back very fast and adding to the inertia effect.

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    Hornady Cam Loc. I bought this after the frastration of using a screw type loc a rbcs but there are many other just like it. I love the cam loc its tops.
    And you need a collet fo each caliber but it is tops.

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    Definately go with a collet pullet, safer and faster than a hammer puller.


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