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Thread: HELP PLEASE: Stolen SkiDoo in Aniak

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    Default HELP PLEASE: Stolen SkiDoo in Aniak

    On November 27 someone took a blue and white SkiDoo GTX 550 snow machine from the airport at Aniak. The machine had 113 miles on it. The machine is a fan cooled 550cc two-up style touring sled.

    The Vehicle Identification No. is 2BPSEL8A08V000016. If you have an idea where the machine is, or who took it, please call the Alaska State Troopers in Aniak at 907-675-4398 or Anchorage 907-269-5511.

    Thanks very much for any help you can give--this machine wasn't insured, and it is a trememdous loss.

    Best Regards,
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    Default Machine Located--Culprit Arrested! Thanks!

    Thanks for your help in finding the stolen machine--Much Appreciated!

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    awesome that is great to hear..

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    Default great

    Really glad to hear that you got it back. Would be interested in hearing some of the details about how they were able to pull this off and how they got caught. Is it insured now Press the DA for the MAX!!!! and stay on they.

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    I got $5.00 that Say's the thief claims that he "BORROWED" the machine.

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    Default i will put a soda on that one!

    Quote Originally Posted by AGL4now View Post
    I got $5.00 that Say's the thief claims that he "BORROWED" the machine.
    LOL exactly... had the Honda formans borrowed i akiak once...the company i worked for made me apologize to the kid for nearly drowning him in the kuskoquim... and accusing him of stealing... at 2 am when i found them.....
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    First snogo I bought, my new 1993 Polaris Sport GT, came with a few accessories. But I had asked for those accessories. When the salesman told me I needed to give him another $27.00 or so (if I remember correctly), I asked why, as I had just given him a cashiers check for $4700.00. He told me "for the fifteen feet of chain and the padlock that's in the tool compartment". I responded somewhat angrily, "I am not paying for something I didn't ask you for". He smiled and asked me if I had another $4700 to drop on another machine? I was confused by this turn of the conversation so asked him why he wanted to know the state of my bank account. He responded, "I need to know so when your machine is stolen, I'll get another sled ready for you to pick up".

    I gave him the $27.00.

    I ALWAYS lock the machine with some form of mechanical lock to keep it from being stolen, even if I am going to be away from it for only a few moments.

    Glad you had the machine recovered. Guy right next door to me had an Arctic Cat stolen from in front of his door. And this with a factory rebuilt engine in it with only a hundred or so miles on it.
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    Default Great

    Glad you got your machine back; HOPE you don't get your theif back, for years !!
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