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Thread: Sea Ducks out of Seward?

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    Default Sea Ducks out of Seward?

    Has anyone hunted ducks out of Seward? I'm curious if there is a decent chance at ducks in the bay. I typically have my boat winterized by mid October, but might leave it running longer to go after some ducks once the water in South Central freezes.

    Would appreciate if someone had some insight to share.


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    You better hurry if you are going to do it. The season closes in 13 days!!

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    There are quite a few birds around Seward. I've spent little bits of time there when my Coast Guard boat would pull in and tie up to the railroad pier. There were always birds around the area. I've seen scoters, old squaw, common mergansers, red breasted mergansers, buffle heads, barrows golden eye, and even mallards there even after everything had turned white and the temps fell. I'd go for it if I were you. Most of the birds I saw were just there around the railroad pier. I'm sure if you got out there and rode around that you'd be able to find some good numbers of birds in other areas as well.

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    ....just a discharging of a firearm in the city limits....and the city boundaries extend surprisingly far-

    -agreed, lots of sea ducks in the area,though....good luck!

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    Thanks for the heads up. Will have to do some scouting and give this a try next year.


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