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    Default Sheep horns

    This is in references to the post in the hunting forum, about sheep horns and mounting them on a skull. The first picture is a sheep that I did for a client; he found two different kills each only having one horn. He wanted something done with them, but didnít know what. I found this reproduction skull at Vandykeís; he liked it so here you go.

    Next is removing horns. You must remove horns and clean them, if you donít you will have a stinking sheep head. Not many wives will go for that. I tell my customers to just cut them off as you would anything else. I can take them off and not damage them; some of them can be a real pain to get off. I also drill a small hole at the base, this helps line things back up when mounting.

    This picture is of just the cores mounted.

    This one with the horns mounted.
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    nice photos
    can u expound on methods of removing horns from skull?

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    Default bag

    Double bag em in heavy trashbags, set in a dry warm place.. and leave for 1-2 weeks.. Open the bag, they should twist off.. If not, leave em another week.. then clean

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    First you want to do it when it is fresh. If you wait it is much more difficult re hydrating the flesh under the horn. Yeah the double bag is to prevet the smell of rotting flesh from coming out of the bag. Be careful because the the teeth puncture the bag and release the smell and lovely goo! Also put it in a tote to capture that goo if it does accidentillag come out. You want to remove all fur around base and cut under horn all away around it with a small flexible knife. Careful cause you can break a tip trying to get all the way around. After a few days up to a week in a very warm spot 80 degreeish grap the tips and see if you can push them together, ie are loos and moveable at all. If so drop/ assist it fall fairly firmly on a hard surface and they should slide off. Some times takes a little a feww wacks but in not ready it mayneed longer than a week but make sure you cut under the horn all the way around it! If you wait too long in the bag the horn starts to get soft and can ruin them. Make sure you are prepared for the smell and do the horn removal out side for the smell is quite overwhelming. This method works for all HORNED mammals, including goats, antelope and bison . The dropping not necessary for these others. A very hot water soak for 15- 20 minutes can accomplish the same thing the aide removal of horns.

    Hope it helps


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