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    Hi folks, we recently got rid of our 16' Almar w/35 2 stroke (too heavy, not great on kenai) and got a used Xpress aluminum jon boat---VJ series, 16 footer. It's pretty nice, camo paint job, 25 4-stoke tiller Yamaha, and what appears to be custom rear trim tabs/storage boxes/sponsons on the rear, aft of the transom, on both sides of the motor. Was wondering which pitch/diam props would be best for this rig? It probably has the stock alum. prop, but this summer we'll use it quite a bit on the Kenai w/ 3 guys, they/we all weigh 200 lbs. plus. Want a prop to get a heavy load on plane, top speed not that critical. Also, is running a stainless prop on the kenai foolish? I realize they don't "give" when you hit something.
    PS---would it also be foolish to try to use this boat trolling for kings/inshore halibut fishing out of Deep Creek and hitting Fox Island in Seward for silvers?
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    Sorry I can't help with what pitch prop to use but I would inquire about one that will give you power from the holeshot. The boat usually won't run as fast but it will be able to get on step with a load. As far as a stainless prop, IMO the price can't be justified on that small of a motor. As far as hitting something with a SS prop, well your right, odds are not in your favor and you may break a shaft or 2 in your motor. That can cost $300+ not including labor. Aluminum will give and sooner or later you will strike something in the river. Aluminum is easier to dress for the average guy with a file and a bent blade if not to bad can usually be fixed. Using a mallet with something to back up (another mallet) the blade you can bend it back into shape. Be sure to back it up or you may break it off.

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    Thanks for the tips McGuyver!


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