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    Last year I posted a mobile maintenance thread testing the waters for A&P IA work out of a van with all the bells and whistles....well I'm finally set up and ready to go. Im on the Penninsula "Kenai" but will go anywhere in the state. Dont mind doing owner assisted annuals and working with EAA guys on homebuilts. Dont mind camping out for a lenghty project. 20 years recip/turbine experience. If anyone is interested you can PM me for details or if anybody has any advice or leads it would be GREATLY appreciated....just starting out
    In the Bush

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    Don't know your reputation, but will pass your post along.
    Small state. Sounds like a good gig.
    good luck!!

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    Default good luck

    I remember reading the post. I wish you all the luck in the world. You state that you are working out of a van, are you able to fly in as well and are you a pilot or just a A&P. Thought that I might mention that so that you could make it a little more clear to prospective clients. Good luck and god bless.


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