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Thread: Anyone hunted the Dalton in late Oct?

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    Default Anyone hunted the Dalton in late Oct?

    So I've got the crazy idea to caribou hunt the Dalton in either late fall or early spring. I'm thinking that if you crosscountry skii in and haul the meat out on a sled, it would save a lot of effort over walking over the tundra when it's thawed. I'm not willing to go colder than -40 so that means that late Nov-March is out. I'm thinking that I would do the trip in either late October or early November. The other possibility is early spring.

    Do rental car agencies such as Arctic outfitters or the few others that allow you to drive the Dalton allow you to do it in the winter?

    How far south are the caribou in early Nov or late March?

    What was you're general experience with the trip? Any recomendations?

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    Come on. I know someone here has done it. Basically looking for info fr anybody who has done it after the ground has frozen. I'm hopeing to go when there is enough snow to x/c skii on.

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    This has been discussed before pretty extensively.
    Late October can be pretty unforgiving up there, not to mention shooting a rutted caribou bull then is a waste of an animal--completely inedible.
    Dogs won't touch it.

    And hunts up there any later than that are more tests of survival than anything.
    If you are itching for a late season hunt, go down to Kodiak in November and shoot a few blacktails...a great time.


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