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    I was planning on renting this cabin in a few weeks for 3 nights and have a question about fuel. Does any have a rough estimate on how much fuel to pack for the stove and what kind? Online it says to pack #1 stove oil, now is this #1 diesel heating oil or are they talking about kerosene? I call the Forest Service office in Seward and they didn't have a clue which is a little odd to me.


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    We stayed at the Caribou Creek cabin recently and there is no cooking stove. Are you sure Devil's Pass has one? I'd suggest bringing a jet boil at least.

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    The cabin does have a stove but its just for heat not for cooking.

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    We were there in Late October after freezup and the first snow... I brought 2 gallons in and burned both up from 4pm until 11 am the next day, with the stove set on low. Last winter we got by with one gallon and only burned it throught the night from 8pm to 8am...

    it has a 5 gallon tanks and is tricky to light. it often needs cleaning, so read all the tips and trick in the logbook. good thing I heat with oil at home...Oh, and it is a real cooking stove off of a boat. still better to have the MSR for cooking if you don't want to haul a bunch of fuel...

    it needs #1 fuel oil or Kerosene.


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    That's the kind of beta I was looking for.

    Thanks for posting up and I will check the logbook for tips on the stove.



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