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    Default Volvo KAD43P

    Hello all,

    I'm looking at buying a bowpicker powered by a KAD43P diesel engine coupled with a Volvo Penta 290 DP outdrive. The engine has less than 1500 hours since new, and the outdrive was new this year, I'd guess less than 400 hours. I'm not real familiar with these engines/outdrives, but I'm curious if anybody has any tips/experiences/suggestions that they can share.


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    pm me with more info on the boat i might know something about it.

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    Thanks Steve,

    I shot you a PM and some more info in an e-mail~

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    Where do you live? How big is the Boat? how much does it Weigh and what do you plan on using it for. If you plan on using it for hauling freight and beaching it forget about it. Depending on what it has been used for for the last 1500 hrs I'd say it may be risky. rebuilds for that engine is roughly 10,000.00 I'd have a good volvo mechanic look at it. Turbo, Starters, water pumps and coolers usually start going out around 1500. some of these parts may be hard to find and are very expensive. Volvo is proud of their discontinued engine parts. More info may help more responses.

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    We're running a KAD44P, which is similar except that it has 24 valves and electronic controls, and more HP. It's 12 years old, with 3914 hours. No major maintenance except a turbo replaced under warranty when it was one year old.

    If the engine has been properly maintained, and most importantly propped and used correctly, it should last thousands of hours (Volvo pros say 6000-8000 for mine, which is more stressed than the 43). Overpropping, extended idling, and belts allowed to be loose, are potential killers.

    In our case the weak link is the 290 drive, which is pushed to the limit by the power and torque of the 44. Ours blew up at 743 hours, but was replaced on Volvo's nickel. The new leg has been fine ever since with one clutch cone replacement. Religious checking and changing of lube and bellows is the thing.
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    Default Thumbs up on maintenance!

    I've seen the AD41's go 10k hours, no blown legs ever, but religious maintenance, checking/changing of fluids as mentioned required.

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    Thanks for the input guys,

    The boat I'm looking at is a 28' X 9.5' Seahorse bowpicker. They made a ton of them and it seems that most found their way to PWS. I understand that you can't emphasize routine maintenance enough with these drives. It's too bad they haven't been able to build one that is more reliable for this application. Or if they have, I'm not aware of it.

    Thanks for the suggestions, and any other help is appreciated.


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