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Thread: .45 Colt data

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    Default .45 Colt data

    I am looking for some starting load data for the .45 Colt. Standard loads as well as Ruger only. I am having trouble locating data for cast bullets in the 300 and 335 gr. range. Powders I am using are Lil Gun, H110, Trail Boss, and 4227. I have seen some data in the past on the forum, but cannot seem to find it. If you can point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
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    This is a good starting point. I've found Taffin's load data to be very useful.

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    Default Go to, click on the loadswap tab, then click on I agree, then handgun loads. Lots of loads for many calibers including .45 Colt.

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    Default Cool Article

    Here is a cool article I read over the weekend as I am similarly situated:

    I picked up some 330 grn LBT sytle bullets from Stoner to try under a lil gun charge--but haven't loaded any yet. Figure I would continue churning out my plinking 255gr loads first and switch over this weekend. I am using unique and trail boss right now with the 255 casts.

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