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Thread: Kenai Guide limits

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    Post Kenai Guide limits

    How about letting the guides fish Sundays and Mondays and lifting the time restrictions? This would spread things out and not congest the lower river on Tuesday mornings in July.

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    Default kenai

    I dont think anything will keep the river from being cogested in july. Anymore the kenai is busy at 6am no matter what day it is, "SUPER TUESDAY" or not. Bottom line is most people like to fish in the morning so everyone wants to be out there at the same time. Except for the average joe like myself that likes to fish from 3am-6am or the after 6pm crowd.

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    The guides would love this- more money in their pockets

    I really don't see how giving the guides more time on the river would result in less crowded conditions. "Super Tuesday" definately isn't what it used to be but a lot of that problem lies in the fact that so many more people (including guides) fish on Sundays and the Drift only day is gaining popularity resulting in more pressure and harvest. "Super Tuesdays" were definately better in the past when Monday was a no fish day, Sundays were a little less insane (I know some will argue that Sundays were more crowded in the past but this is my opinion) and the commercial fleet had coinciding closures. Allowing the guides to fish 24-7 would result in more guides because the river would be able to handle a larger volume of guides. It would make it easier for guides to fish double trips in a day. Your proposal would work if you included these stipulations-

    Cap the guide numbers.
    Limit the total numbers of hours a guide could operate in a day


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