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Thread: Can 475 Linebaugh brass be trimmed for a 480???

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    Default Can 475 Linebaugh brass be trimmed for a 480???

    I have heard the Hornady brass is the same in both 475 Linebaugh & 480 Ruger other than length, & have also heard it's not.
    Called the Hornady tech today, & he didn't know
    I got a line on some reasonable 475 brass & would like to trim it for the 480.
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    Trimming brass sucks, so I'd think long and hard before getting that great deal brass. I guess it depends on how many cases you'd be trimming and how good the deal is.

    I would expect that the cases are the same except for oal, but I'd want to section one of each to be sure. I can't imagine Hornady would use different tooling for the two cases. I know with really heavy bullets in the 480 they will swell the case. That's why the 460 gr bullets I had were seated to crimp into the first lube groove. When I seated them to the canalure the base of the bullet swelled the case.


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